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Just Dropped - OG Jetpilot Vintage Capsule

Born in 1986, Jetpilot made a name for itself by creating the most technically advanced wetsuits, vests and apparel for the sport of jetski racing. Jetpilot sponsored some of the biggest names of the sport, including the likes of Fish, Jeff “The Jammer” Jacobs, Mac, Victor “Slasher” Sheldon, “Haulin Harry” Goatcher, Hollywood Watkins, Rick Roy and Christy Carlson.


Vintage Jetski Racing - Jetpilot


Wearing bold colour combos, big graphics and a suite of bright logos and decals, Jetpilot’s team rider outfits were made to be seen. This was the 90’s - the glory days of jetski racing with tens of 1000s of spectators lining the shores of event locations like Lake Havasu, Arizona. Events were broadcast across the nation, bringing to life some of the greatest retro jetski racers of all time, with Jetpilot showcased the personality behind the helmet.


New Jetpilot Vintage Collection Just Dropped


The Vintage Capsule goes deep into the vault of Jetpilot’s OG range that re-lives the hedonistic 90’s lifestyle of fast jetskis, fast cars and big graphics. The limited-edition range is a nod to our heritage graphics, and the decade’s aesthetic of big hair and big colour, with styles for men and women. Oversized graphics feature slogans like ‘when it doubt, air it out’ and ‘sink it deep’ – referencing some of the freestyle jetski tricks of the time in neon colour pops.


Vintage Jetpilot Clothing


Arriving this Summer, get yourself decked out in the limited edition Jetpilot Vintage Capsule collection.


Vintage Jetpilot


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