Limestone Neoprene

Limestone Neoprene

Sustainability is a huge factor in new product developments. As a brand, Jetpilot innovates to produce products and operate as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. We look for methods to produce innovative, high quality products and weigh up the impact of manufacturing and materials at the same time. 

Limestone Neoprene is a non-petroleum based alternative we use in our products. Although not completely eco-friendly, limestone neoprene is considerably greener than previous neoprene manufacturing processes. It takes less energy to make and does not use crude oil or petrochemicals. 

The benefits of limestone neoprene are also in it's performance. It's warmer, lighter, more flexible and more durable.

Jetpilot's neoprene is developed from Limestone (calcium carbonate) rather than petroleum based that has set the standard in neoprene. It's used in all Jetpilot neoprene products: wetsuits, long johns, tour coats, neoprene pants and neoprene shorts. 



Due to nitrogen cells captured in neoprene during the Limestone processing treatment it provides better thermal insulation and heat retention.



Approximately 30% more micro bubble structures created during processing helps to ensure water doesn’t penetrate or weigh down the neoprene. 


More Flexible.

Not only is the makeup of Limestone Neoprene stretchier, it retains its form over time, meaning it won’t stretch out from the original fit, season after season.


More Durable.

Less prone to tears due to cell construction in the neoprene creation. 

To learn more about Jetpilot's sustainability journey, click through to our SUSTAINABILITY PAGE.  


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