Team Jetpilot Dominates World Finals

Team Jetpilot Dominates World Finals

2023 World Finals, Lake Havasu

World Finals is considered one of the premier jet ski racing events globally and is known for its competitive nature and the participation of the top riders and teams. The race is the 3rd round of the 4 round World Series with the final round to be held in Thailand in December.

This Major annual event brings a huge number of competitors from across the globe together. The racing features 21 different class categories that is highlighted by the high-level and high-horsepower racing of the Pro Ski Grand Prix and the Pro Runabout Grand Prix.

Team Jetpilot boasted an impressive lineup of international riders, including many multiple world champions.

In the Pro Ski GP division there was 19 elite riders on the start line to battle it out. Jetpilot team rider Quinten Bossche out of Belgium was in amazing form taking a clean sweep winning all 4 x motos to claim a dominating victory. Jeremy Poret (France) rode consistently to take 2nd place giving the Jetpilot team an amazing 1-2 podium finish. Other Jetpilot Pro team riders in the field performed well with Kevin Reiterer finishing in 6th, Valentin Dardillat 8th, Nacho Armillas 9th and Deven Farthing in 12th.

Pro Runabout GP had 12 qualifiers going head to head for the series victory. There was fast and furious racing with some close, hard battles. Jetpilot team riders taking a 1-2 podium finish with Mohammed Burbayea in 1st & Mohammed Albaaz in 2nd. Fellow team riders Jeremy Perez finished in 4th and Dustin Farthing in 9th.

Ladies Pro Ski GP is always exciting to watch as the worlds fastest ladies take to the water. Team rider Emma-Nellie Ortendahl (Sweden) was in great form taking a clean sweep of the 3 x motos to take out the World Finals victory. American River Varner was again impressive and claimed a podium spot with 3rd. We are excited to see the women race in Thailand with another very close points battle taking the series down to the wire.

The final round of the world series will be amazing with the overall 2023 World Series Winner coming down to the final round and only a few top riders in contention. There is no question that team Jetpilot will be fighting hard to take out the World Series!


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