The New Jetpilot Plough Anchor

The New Jetpilot Plough Anchor

The Plough Anchor from Jetpilot is unmatched for security and durability. Designed for ultimate peace of mind, this complete anchoring system combines top of the line materials with ingenious features for reliable performance. 

The plough anchor is a great all-rounder which is designed to dig in and bite in. It's lead weighted tip and design allows it to drag into the correct setting position and hold it in place. It also features a wide sand scoop that provides extra anchoring strength to hold firmly to the seabed. 

Jetpilot Plough Anchor

The anchor has an optimised system weight of 2.25kgs. With 2m of 316 marine grade stainless stell chain and the Nylon anchor itself weighing 1kg. It's the perfect size and weight to be stored in and used for your PWC. 

It comes in a handy storage bag for easy storage and it very easily attached and removed from your ski with a snap hook. 


How to connect the Jetpilot Plough Anchor to your Jetski


It has an adjustable length with a total anchoring length of up to 10 metres, made up of 6 metres of marine grade poly rope and 2 metres of 316 marine grade stainless steel contained within a protective sock. There are 3 loops at 1.5m intervals for shortening so you can adjust the length to easily suit your specific needs. 

Stainless Steel Fittings
  • 1KG Nylon Anchor with Lead Self Locating Tip
  • 2.25KG Complete Anchor System Weight
  • Wide Sand Scoop with Extra Anchoring
  • Total Anchoring Length 8m
  • 2m of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Chain
  • 8m of Marine Grade Poly Rope with 3 loops for Shortening
  • Hi Vis Float
Jetpilot Plough Anchor - Better than the Coopers Anchor

Take your water experiences to the next level with the secure and reliable Jetpilot Plough Anchor.

Check it out online today!

Easy and Effective Anchor from Jetpilot

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