A proud initiative with 
LIVIN and WorkwearHub

Here at Jetpilot, we understand a good amount of our community are tradies. They’re our friends, our family, our people. And as Aussies, we get that sometimes our societal norms have made talking about your thoughts and feelings a little taboo. But it shouldn’t be. That’s why this mental health collab is so important to us. Taking the time to check on your mates, and check in on yourself is not only life changing, but could save a life. So we’re proud to announce a new initiative with our friends at LIVIN and Workwearhub this September where all proceeds from this limited edition Jetpilot Workwear range tee will go to the LIVIN charity, a 100% non-profit mental health organisation aimed at breaking the stigma of mental health and improving mental health through early intervention and prevention initiatives.

 The LIVIN x Jetpilot Tools Down, Talk Up tee was designed to be worn with pride on the jobsite, where one shirt = one life changing conversation about mental health. And to further the collab, the Jetpilot team attended one of LIVINWELL In Work free seminars aimed to break the stigma around mental ill-health and help to normalise asking for help through education.

"Tradies are perceived as knockabout characters, people who are bulletproof and immune to mental health challenges, but behind that toolbelt they are real people going through the same things as the rest of us,  “I know this first hand because I was a tradie. With the motto “Tool's Down Talk Up” it opens up the power of conversation to add another tool to their belt." Casey Lyons, LIVIN CEO said.

 Casey said the funds from the Jetpilot collaboration will go directly to the LIVINWELL in Schools’ Program. School children from around Australia can undertake the 45 minute mental health education LIVINWELL program for FREE encouraging participants that ‘it ain’t weak to speak’.

 “Unlike a visible injury, like a broken arm, a mental health problem can go unnoticed and you need to look beneath the surface to find that problem. Knowing how to initiate these conversations is just as important as a workplace health and safety brief,” Dan Binskin, Jetpilot National Sales Manager said.

Amy Walsh, Marketing Manager from WorkwearHub said “the seminar is fantastic, it really opens your eyes to things you might never really think about, and it definitely gave us all somethings to think about”.

The LIVIN x Jetpilot Tools Down, Talk Up tee is $49.95 and available exclusively at WorkwearHub with an extended range including shorts at Each purchase allows a school aged student to attend a LIVINWell program.

Watch behind the scenes of our collab and LIVINWELL In Work seminar, one of the free seminars offering skills and resources around suicide prevention as well as LIVINWell in School and LIVINWell in Sport/Community.

Join us in wearing your tee with pride and remember, it ain’t weak to speak.

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